Running GoldSim From the Command Line Using a Batch File


This example illustrates how to use a batch file to run GoldSim. It consists of a zip file containing a GoldSim file and a .bat file.

The batch file contains the following commands:

cd \Program Files\GTG\GoldSim 11.0\ 
This may need to be modified to the actual application directory

start /wait goldsim.exe -sv R1.gsm -x BatchfileExample.gsm
This line opens BatchfileExample.gsm, saves it as R1.gsm (without running it), and closes GoldSim

start /wait goldsim.exe  -r -d "Data1=5" -sv R2.gsm -x R1.gsm
This line opens R1.gsm, sets Data1 equal to 5, runs the model, saves R2.gsm (in Result Mode), and closes GoldSim

start /wait goldsim.exe  -r -d "Data1=10" -sv R3.gsm -x R2.gsm
This line opens R2.gsm, sets Data1 equal to 10, runs the model, saves R3.gsm (in Result Mode), and closes GoldSim

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