Understanding GoldSim Versions


Understanding GoldSim Releases and Updates

GoldSim releases that you can download and install take the following forms:

 Version Example

Product Release

11 or 11.0


12 or 12.0


Product Releases add major new capabilities to GoldSim. Individual product releases differ in at least one of the first three digits.


“GoldSim 11”, “GoldSim 11.1” and “GoldSim 12” are considered individual products and can be installed in parallel for coexisting use.

Product Update

12.0 Update 1 

(numbered as 12.0.1)

Product Updates correct problems found in previous releases of the same product. Manuals, Help files and Examples are not changed in Product Updates. Any changes are listed in the release notes. Significant changes may be described in an accompanying Summary Document.

“11.1 Update 2” installs Update 2 of GoldSim 11.1, if it does not yet exist on a computer, or upgrades an existing installation of GoldSim 11.1 (or 11.1 Update 1).


Note that previous to  GoldSim 11, Product Updates were referred to as Service Packs (SP). Hence, 10.5.1 was referred to as 10.5 SP1.  


Starting with GoldSim 12 any released product release is identified by a unique build number. The build number is shown in GoldSim’s About box and in the details section of Programs and Features (in Windows Control Panel). Typically, users do not need to worry about build numbers as the product release name sufficiently identifies the build (i.e. ‘GoldSim 12.0’ or ‘GoldSim 12.0 Update 1’). However, build numbers provide additional information in case a Hotfix release is issued to select customers (i.e. ‘GoldSim 12.0 #412).

Installation Files

For all release types, the installation file provides a full installation of GoldSim as well as an upgrade installation. While executing the installer on a computer it:

  1. installs the product and updates included in the install for the first time, or
  2. upgrades an existing installation of the product to the update included in the installer.

Example: Executing the installer of GoldSim 11.1.2 installs product “GoldSim 11.1” with Update 2 if and only if no Product Release of “GoldSim 11.1” was present  on the PC.  If an existing Product Release of “GoldSim 11.1” was present (i.e., Version 11.1 or 11.1.1), the installer would upgrade the existing version to GoldSim 11.1.2.  Note that if GoldSim 11 was present (a different Product Release), it would not be impacted (11.1.2 would be installed in parallel to 11).

You can uninstall older product versions of GoldSim that you are no longer using.


Files created using one GoldSim release can generally be read in by subsequent versions released within several years of the original version. However, files created using a later GoldSim release cannot be read in by earlier releases. Updates and Hotfixes are typically file-compatible with the version that they fix (unless in the unusual case that the code corrections require a change to the model file format).


All versions other than Hotfixes are verified. During verification a large number of test problems are executed and the results compared to expected values. For Major releases, the full set of verification tests is always carried out. For Minor releases and Service Packs, a subset of the test suite may be applied to specifically test GoldSim features that were modified. Verification tests are extensive, but they do not guarantee that GoldSim is bug-free.

Determining the Version of GoldSim on Your PC

From the main menu, select Help | About GoldSim.  The version number is also displayed on the splash screen when you first open GoldSim.



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