GoldSim Trial Request

GoldSim Trial Request

Thank You for Your Interest in GoldSim

We received your request for an trial version of GoldSim. We will process your request within two business days, and send a second email with instructions for downloading, installing, and activating the software.

If you want to learn more about GoldSim right now, there are a number of resources we can recommend:

We look forward to you experimenting with and learning more about GoldSim. If we can help you in this process in any way, do not hesitate to contact us via the GoldSim Help Desk.

Learning Resources

Once you receive your trial license, take advantage of these additional resources:

  • A Short GoldSim Tutorial is available via the Tutorial button on the GoldSim Start dialog.
  • Online Training Course
    This "hands-on", self-paced course includes nearly sixty exercises and examples, and provides a thorough understanding of the key concepts on which GoldSim is based.
  • GoldSim Forum
    If you have any questions about GoldSim, from basics to a specific application, search or post your questions on the GoldSim Forum.
  • GoldSim Library
    Search the GoldSim Library for models and icon images. The Model Library includes many models of various applications and GoldSim features. Downloading and exploring these models is a great way to learn about GoldSim.
  • GoldSim User Conference
    The next GoldSim User Conference will be held in Seattle on September 10-12, 2018. GoldSim user conferences provide great learning and networking opportunities for both expert and novice users.