Runoff from Multiple Subbasins


Runoff from Multiple Subbasins Using AWBM


This model uses GoldSim's implementation of AWBM to simulate rainfall and subsequent runoff and routing of stormwater flows from 7 subbasins in a watershed. The model was built to replicate an existing HEC-HMS model built previously. A Splitter element is used to distribute rainfall excess to surface runoff and baseflow. Since the watershed is divided into 7 subbasins, the Vector Type Splitter example is used to "vectorize" the AWBM model, which allows for the calculation of subbasin outflows in an array format. This significantly reduces the amount of elements used and simplifies future maintenance of the model. Once the runoff was calculated for each item of the array of subbasins, it was a simple matter of referring to each item of the array using Expression elements. Optimization was used to calibrate the model by adjusting the surface store depths to achieve a closeness of fit at the discharge point of each node in the model. A time history plot of the overall discharge from the watershed is shown in the plot contained in the "Validation_Stuff" container.


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