Supply Chain & Business Process Modeling


Models Illustrating the Use of GoldSim for Supply Chain & Business Process Modeling Applications

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  • Moving Discrete Items

    This simple model illustrates how to move discrete items from one state to another.

  • Trucking Shipments

    This example combines both continuous and discrete dynamics to model the transport of a material by truck to a dock where the material is loaded onto ships.

  • Managing a Bank Queue

    This is a simple discrete events model of the number of tellers and the size of a queue of customers at a bank.

  • Discrete Model for Manufacturing

    This model describes a manufacturing process with the following stages: (1) casting, (2) pre-finish, (3) ‘solution oven’ heat treatment, (4) ‘aging oven’ heat treatment and (5) a finishing process.

  • Simulating an ATM Queue using Resources

    This is a simulation for an ATM machine installed at an event location, where there are frequent customer visits

  • Pressure, Productivity and Quality

    Example model illustrating feedback from pressure and fatigue on productivity and quality

  • Inventory Management

    A simple inventory management model that illustrates the structural differences between how such a model is constructed in GoldSim, and how it would be constructed using a classic System Dynamics code.

  • Comparing Alternatives

    Comparison of two alternative technologies accounting for uncertainty and using Scenarios

  • Staff Forecast Model

    This model simulates employee supply for a company with complex and lengthy training requirements.

  • What-If Simulation Case Study

    Simple ECommerce, decision-making case study using GoldSim "what-if" simulation

  • Widget Processor Model

    In this simple model, widgets are processed at a warehouse for 30 days. The widgets arrive at a rate of about once every two hours. It takes a certain amount of time (1.8 hrs) to process each widget and ship it out, and only one widget can be processed at a time.

  • Simple Inventory Models

    This model file includes 5 variations on a simple inventory model. In each case, there is an initial inventory, a sinusoidal demand and a production rate that is constant, stochastic or influenced by feedback.

  • Auto Supply Chain Model

    This is a demonstration model of an automobile supply chain. It represents two links in the chain: the OEM and a major tier 1 supplier (in this case, power trains).

  • Ships with Containers

    This model simulates ships entering the harbor where each ship carries a random number of containers.

  • Operate Two Out of Three Machines

    Illustration of logic to keep a specified number of Reliability Module components operating at given times


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