Oct 10, 2002

GoldSim Tutorial Now Available for Download

Redmond, WA (USA) - October 10, 2002 – A basic tutorial that provides an introduction to GoldSim is now available. New and existing users can update their current GoldSim software by visiting www.goldsim.com/tutorial.htm and following the instructions for downloading and installing the tutorial file.

The tutorial is designed to familiarize users with the basic concepts required to build and run GoldSim models. Topics covered include:

  • Basic concepts of simulation
  • The components of the GoldSim interface
  • How to use elements to construct a model
  • Defining element properties
  • Defining events and triggers that impact the model elements
  • Viewing the results of a simulation

These basic skills are sufficient to begin working in GoldSim. The GoldSim User's Guide is available to answer questions or explain more advanced features.

The GoldSim Technology Group is dedicated to delivering software and services to help people understand complex systems and make better decisions. Our flagship GoldSim software package is based on technology developed over the past ten years servicing such clients as the U.S. Department of Energy, Bechtel, Booz Allen & Hamilton, IT Corporation, Japan Nuclear Cycle Corporation, Phelps Dodge, Shell Global Solutions, Petrobras (Brazil), and Taisei Corporation (Japan). The GoldSim Technology Group is a division of Golder Associates Inc., an international consulting firm with over 2,700 employees.

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