October 25, 2006

GoldSim's New Financial Module Targets Spreadsheet Users

SEATTLE, WA (USA) Oct 25 2006 – The GoldSim Technology Group, a leading provider of advanced simulation software, today announced the release of its new module for financial analysis and risk management.

The GoldSim Financial Module provides a toolkit for representing funds, cash flows, investments, options, and insurance policies. The Financial Module integrates with GoldSim's powerful general-purpose simulation framework, which supports probabilistic, dynamic simulation of complex systems. As a result, unlike specialized financial engineering tools, GoldSim is able to incorporate financial modeling within a larger context. A typical model of a business, for example, might need to address the operational and the financial consequences of external factors such as extreme weather events or supply chain disruptions. These can be readily modeled by GoldSim.

The GoldSim Financial Module is targeted at organizations that use spreadsheets as their primary financial modeling tool. Although spreadsheets are useful for accounting tasks and making simple projections, they are poorly adapted for dynamic modeling tasks. For example, spreadsheets have difficulty representing factors such as sudden events, or systems that can evolve over time in complex ways. Moreover, spreadsheet models can be difficult to maintain and explain to others, and are prone to errors. GoldSim overcomes these limitations and provides a graphical and flexible environment for building quantitative financial models. In addition, because GoldSim can link seamlessly to spreadsheets, modelers can still use them as databases for inputs and outputs, and even as subroutines for specialized calculations.

Ian Miller, GoldSim President, remarks, “We see an increasing need for organizations to move beyond spreadsheets in order to perform sophisticated modeling and realistic financial forecasting that integrates all aspects of their business. Such a 'total system' approach is becoming increasingly necessary to support effective risk management and decision-making. The GoldSim Financial Module provides a powerful and flexible tool that meets this need."

A fully functional evaluation version of the software can be downloaded at www.goldsim.com.


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Rick Kossik
GoldSim Technology Group