October 9, 2006

GoldSim Version 9.5 Released

Issaquah, WA (USA) - October 9, 2006 – Version 9.5 of GoldSim was released on October 9, 2006. This new version has a large number of powerful new features, including:

  • A new Financial Module with 5 new elements for modeling complex financial systems.
  • Two new elements, the Splitter and the Allocator, to better support modeling of material flows. The Splitter splits an input into two or more outputs based on specified fractions. The Allocator allocates an input to two or more outputs based on specified priorities and demands which can be dynamic.
  • A new Interrupt element. The Interrupt pauses a simulation when triggered by an event or condition, and displays a user-defined message.
  • A new History Generator element. The History Generator allows you to easily generate stochastic time series.
  • A new element called a SubModel. SubModels allow you to embed an entire model within another model. This has a wide variety of potential applications, including the ability to carry out probabilistic optimization, and two-dimensional Monte Carlo analyses.
  • New functions to manipulate arrays (e.g., extract a vector from a matrix).

In addition to these major changes, a large number of additional changes were also made to GoldSim to improve its overall performance and usability.

A brief summary of the new features can be found here.

All current Commercial and Academic users can download Version 9.5 from the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC).

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