November 1, 2007

GoldSim User Conference Addresses Topics Ranging from Water Resources to NASA Space Missions

Issaquah, WA (USA) November 1, 2007– The fifth GoldSim User Conference was held October 23-26, 2007 in San Francisco. The conference provided 20 presentations over a range of GoldSim applications, including radioactive waste management, carbon sequestration, water resource planning, mine water management, and business modeling. The conference also included several panel discussions.

This year’s speakers provided presentations demonstrating how GoldSim is being used to address some of the most pressing issues facing society. For example:

  • Susie Go of NASA Ames Research Center discussed how GoldSim is being used to carry out risk assessments for future space missions;
  • Pat Lee of the US Department of Energy's Yucca Mountain Project described how GoldSim is being used to model the nation's proposed nuclear waster repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada; and
  • Phil Stauffer of Los Alamos National Laboratory presented a GoldSim-based system for evaluating carbon sequestration projects (to address climate change).

“It is amazing to see the range of applications that GoldSim is used for,“ said Mr. Ian Miller, President of GoldSim Technology Group. “As a company, it is particularly rewarding to us to see how GoldSim continues to be used to address a growing number of complex risk analysis issues worldwide."

Conference presentations are available in the GoldSim Conference Center.

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The GoldSim Technology Group is a privately held software company dedicated to delivering software and services to help organizations understand complex systems and make better decisions. GoldSim software is used by over 130 organizations worldwide to support risk management, strategic planning, and policy analysis in many industries, including waste management, mining, health care, energy, manufacturing and aerospace.
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