Nov 3, 2003

GoldSim Version 8 Released

Version 8 of GoldSim was released on November 4, 2003. Version 8 has a number of new features. One of these is a new element: the Convolution Element. This is a powerful new element that lets you simulate future consequences that can be mathematically described as convolution integrals . There are many applications for convolution integrals in business, engineering and science. Two examples of its application have been added to the Model Library.

Other new features include a new array constructor that allows you to create arrays "on the fly" within an input field, the ability to define Stochastic elements as vectors, improved array functions (the if statement and exponentiation can now be applied on a term-by-term basis to arrays), improved hyperlink functionality, a new Text Box object that can be used to document models, and improved functionality for globally changing symbols for elements. A number of powerful improvements were also made to the Contaminant Transport Module, including a new 'direct transfer' option for mass flux that provides a very general first-order transfer process for cases that aren't advective or diffusive. In addition to the more visible changes, over 200 "behind-the-scenes" changes were also made to GoldSim to improve its overall performance.

All current members of the a GoldSim Subscription Program can download Version 8 now from the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC). Note that both the GoldSim User's Guide and the Contaminant Transport Module User's Guide have been modified for this version and these can also be downloaded from the GRC. Of course, all of the new featues are also described in the Help file, which will automatically be updated when you update the software to this version. Once you update the software, don't forget to read the Release Notes to see a complete list of the new features and changes included in Version 8.

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