December 21, 2010

GoldSim Version 10.5 Released

Issaquah, WA (USA) - December 21, 2010 - Version 10.5 of GoldSim was released on December 21, 2010.  Version 10.5 introduces a number of new features and capabilities to GoldSim.

Two Major New Elements

  • A major new feature, the Script Element has been added. Iterative calculations, complex array manipulations, and other highly customized calculations, many of which could only have been previously done using an External (DLL) element, can now be built directly into GoldSim as a procedural Script without any external programming.
  • GoldSim 10.5 includes another new element, the Aquifer Pathway for the CT/RT Module. An Aquifer pathway combines the features of a Cell and a Pipe element, and provides a way to simulate processes such as vertical transport through an unsaturated (vadose) zone, and horizontal transport in aquifers, rivers, channels and pipelines.

Major New Features and Improvements

Version 10.5 also includes a large number of smaller improvements and modifications. The most important of these are listed below:

  • Date/time simulations can now extend over a much broader range: 1 January 1700 to 31 December 9999. GoldSim 10.5 also includes other enhancements for plotting time history results involving dates.
  • When editing an input field, GoldSim automatically suggests the names of existing outputs at the bottom of the input field.
  • GoldSim 10.5 supports the extended worksheet ranges (1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns) introduced in Excel 2007.
  • If statements can handle mixtures of Arrays and scalars.
  • The Time Series elements now include a new representation: Changes and constant values over the previous interval. These options make it easier to import measured time series data, as that is the manner in which it is often actually recorded (i.e., a change or an average value over the previous time interval).
  • The GoldSim Units Manager has been redesigned.
  • Lookup Tables now support an option to be linked to a text file. The text file data is imported automatically whenever the data in the file is modified.
  • GoldSim 10.5 provides powerful tools for both exploring and manually changing the causality sequence.
  • Performance improvements when simulating large, complex models.
  • Performance improvements in communication with MS-Excel.
  • Simplifed array constructors (deduce array label set automatically).
  • Use of up to 32 slaves per client computer when using the DP-Plus Module.

A more detailed document that summarizes the major new features in Version 10.5 is provided here.

All users with current Subscriptions are encouraged to download this new version. GoldSim 10.5 will not overwrite any pre-10.5 GoldSim versions currently on your machine (it will be installed in parallel).

All users with current Subscriptions can download GoldSim 10.5 directly from the Download Section.