February 18, 2009

GoldSim Version 10 Released

Issaquah, WA (USA) - February 18, 2009 - Version 10 of GoldSim was released on February 18, 2009. This new version has a large number of new features and enhancements, including:
  • A completely redesigned Dashboard Authoring Module, with a number of new controls (e.g., grid controls, combo boxes) and enhancements to existing controls.
  • A large number of performance improvements, which will be particularly noticeable when editing and manipulating large models.
  • Enhanced tool-tips and a new expression editor.
  • Improvements to Microsoft Excel linkages, including support for Office 2007.
  • Stair-step interpolation option for look-up tables.
  • Enhancements to Stochastic elements, including new distributions and enhanced sampling algorithms.
  • Event importance sampling to facilitate representation of low probability, high consequence events and failures.
  • New array manipulation functions.
  • Enhancements to conditional Containers to better support project simulation.
  • Support for 64-bit operating systems.
  • Contaminant Tranport Module enhancements, including new features to support simulation of diffusion through partially saturated porous media.
  • Reliability Module enhancements, including the ability to simulate non-fatal and coupled failure modes.
  • Performance improvements to the Distributed Processing Module.
  • The ability to password protect a model file.
All of the changes are described in detail in the Version 10 Summary Document. Existing users are strongly encouraged to read this document in order to facilitate the exploration of all the new features in this version.
All users with current Subscriptions can download Version 10 directly from the Download Section.