March 1, 2005

GoldSim Version 9 Beta Released

The first public beta of Version 9 of GoldSim was released on March 1, 2005. Version 9, which will be released in its final form in the Spring of 2005, has a large number of powerful new features, including the following:

  • Optimization capabilities;
  • Powerful new sensitivity analysis features, including tornado diagrams;
  • Expanded spreadsheet capabilities, allowing you to dynamically link GoldSim to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in more powerful ways;
  • A new Container type that supports "looping" (iterative) calculations, enabling "do while" loops to be programmed into your models;
  • The ability to control the timestep in a more powerful way, allowing a) different parts (Containers) of the model to have different timesteps, and b) dynamic control of the timestep during a simulation;
  • Improved graphics, including center-to-center influences (arrows connecting elements) and curved influences, as well as improved Container-specific filtering options; and
  • A new Cell-net generator feature that allows users to rapidly create cell-nets (finite difference networks) when using the Contaminant Transport Module.

In addition to these major changes, a large number of additional changes were also made to GoldSim to improve its overall performance and usability.

All current Commercial and Academic users can download the Version 9 beta from the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC).

All users will be notified when the final release of Version 9 is available. When Version 9 is released, it will be accompanied by a document that summarizes the major new features and how they may impact existing models. Of course, all new features will be described in detail in the User Manuals and Help file (these documents have not yet been updated for the beta version).

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