March 14, 2002

March 14, 2002: GoldSim Used to Support Recommendation to the President Regarding Selection of Nation’s Radioactive Waste Repository

The Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham, has recently recommended to President Bush that the Yucca Mountain site be developed as the nation’s first long-term geologic repository for high-level radioactive waste. GoldSim software was used to develop the Total System Performance Assessment (TSPA) model that integrated all the subsystem models together and provided the final performance assessment results.

In his recommendation to the President, Secretary Abraham cited how computer simulations were used to forecast how the repository would perform far into the future and that his recommendation was based on sound science that the Yucca Mountain site is scientifically and technically suitable for the development of a repository. The TSPA model was subject to extensive review by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Nuclear Waste Technical Review board, the US Geological Survey, and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Although technically suitable for review and approval by leading experts in radioactive waste disposal, the TSPA model developed using GoldSim was also made available in a simplified interactive format for the public to review and run themselves. (To read the complete text of Secretary Abraham’s recommendation, visit

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“Yucca Mountain scientists have used this vast reservoir of information to develop computer simulations that … forecast how a repository will perform far into the future.” (Spencer Abraham, Secretary of Energy)