April 15, 2002

GoldSim Pro Provides Sophisticated Simulation Technology to Help Organizations Understand the Future

Redmond, WA (USA) - April 15, 2002 – The GoldSim Technology Group has released the first version of GoldSim Pro. Based on advanced simulation technology developed over the last ten years for the U.S. Department of Energy, GoldSim Pro is a general-purpose simulator suitable for modeling a broad range of business systems. In contrast to traditional ERP software, which provides information about the past and present, GoldSim Pro is designed to help organizations make better decisions regarding the future.

"GoldSim Pro is a daily productivity tool for the quantitative business professional”, says Ian Miller, Managing Principal for the GoldSim Technology Group. “We believe that the power to better understand the future, combined with ease-of-use and flexible presentation capabilities, could make GoldSim Pro standard business software for anyone involved in making difficult business decisions.”

Development of the GoldSim technology has been funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy. The software has been used for over 10 years by government agencies and private companies around the world to address issues related to risk assessment, hazardous site remediation, and performance of disposal facilities. In recent years, users have discovered that GoldSim is well suited for simulating a broad range of systems. Examples of problems that have been addressed using GoldSim include evaluation of wastewater treatment alternatives, risk mitigation for petroleum storage and distribution systems, supply chain simulation, and evaluation of mine closure alternatives.

GoldSim also allows users to create custom interfaces to their models using the dashboard feature. Dashboards allow people unfamiliar with the GoldSim development environment to view, navigate, and run models created by others. Dashboard models can be saved as player files that can be viewed and run using GoldSim Player, a free download found at www.goldsim.com. Users can distribute GoldSim player files to employees, students, customers, vendors, or the general public. This makes GoldSim a cost-effective platform to communicate concepts electronically, standardize business decision-making, support training and/or teaching, and provide a value-added tool for customers.

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