May 1, 2002

First GoldSim International User Conference Draws GoldSim Enthusiasts from 15 Countries

Redmond, WA (USA) - May 1, 2002 – The first GoldSim International User Conference was held April 24-26, 2002 in Seattle, Washington. The conference included 26 presentations, covering topics such as business dynamics, portfolio analysis, radioactive waste management, mining applications, and infrastructure modeling. Attendees learned about future directions for GoldSim and took advantage of the opportunity to provide feedback regarding features and capabilities they would like to see added to the software.

Attendees came from 15 countries (the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Peru, Brazil, and Chile), reflecting the geographic diversity of GoldSim’s user base. The conference was held at the Plateau Club in Sammamish, Washington, surrounded by the grounds of an 18-hole golf course. Conference attendees were treated to a baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and the Anaheim Angels and a dinner at Salty’s restaurant on the Seattle waterfront.

"Our expectations for this first user conference were exceeded”, says Ian Miller, Managing Principal for the GoldSim Technology Group, “We were delighted to see the high level of enthusiasm within our user community and excited to learn more about the new ways that GoldSim is being used to solve challenging problems.”

Radioactive waste management was a central theme at the conference. Some of the topics covered in the presentations included:

  • Development of the Yucca Mountain Total System Performance Assessment (TSPA) model,
  • Regulatory perspectives on environmental models,
  • Simulation of low-level waste disposal facilities at the Nevada Test Site,
  • Simulation of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico,
  • Strategic analysis of closure options for uranium mining operations,
  • Performance assessment for the Spanish high-level radioactive waste program,
  • Simulation of a clay repository for the French high-level radioactive waste program,
  • Performance assessment for the Japanese high-level radioactive waste program.

Attendees found the conference a unique opportunity to learn more about current simulation practices used in radioactive waste performance assessment programs around the world.

Another central theme at the conference was the use of GoldSim to support mining operations around the world. GoldSim is currently being used to simulate operational issues, such as water and tailing management, and evaluation of mine closure strategies. Examples of mining presentations included:

  • Groundwater and surface water flow and salt balance modeling for a mine in western Australia,
  • Evaluation of mine tailing management strategies at a uranium mine in Germany,
  • Evaluation of several mine decommissioning strategies at a mine in Canada.

A survey of users indicated that GoldSim is being used extensively to address mine closure strategic planning. The ability to incorporate environmental impacts, engineering considerations, and financial aspects of the closure process make GoldSim a powerful tool to support mine closure planning. Users are also beginning to use GoldSim to support mine development strategic planning and mine portfolio management.

Other presentations at the conference addressed a broad range of business issues, including:

  • Pharmaceutical company portfolio analysis,
  • Cost comparison of disposal options for coal combustion byproducts,
  • Evaluation of Yellowstone National Park infrastructure alternatives, including transportation, energy, and waste management,
  • Supply chain simulation,
  • Long-haul truck market.

The GoldSim Technology Group is dedicated to delivering software and services to help people understand complex systems and make better decisions. Our flagship GoldSim software package is based on technology developed over the past ten years servicing such clients as the U.S. Department of Energy, Bechtel, Booz Allen & Hamilton, IT Corporation, Japan Nuclear Cycle Corporation, Phelps Dodge, Shell Global Solutions, Petrobras (Brazil), and Taisei Corporation (Japan). The GoldSim Technology Group is a division of Golder Associates Inc., an international consulting firm with over 2,700 employees.

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