May 22, 2003

GoldSim Integrated Help System Now Available

Redmond, WA (USA) - May 22, 2003 – A new service pack is available for GoldSim that includes a state-of-the-art Help system. The Help system includes all the content of the printed documentation (except for the appendices), a keyword (index) search with over 1500 entries, and a full text search. Topics are heavily cross-referenced via hyperlinks to allow desired content to be quickly located.

In addition, the printed documentation has been updated. The primary modifications are a 1500 entry index and a glossary. Also, cross-references within the document have been highlighted to make them easier to find, and the page numbering has been modified (omitting chapter numbers) to make navigation easier.

Current users will find that the Help system can save a great deal of time and effort. Those who have dabbled with GoldSim in the past, and were daunted by the large user's manual, will find that the Help system provides a much easier and more effective way to learn to use the software.

Current users can download the service pack from the GoldSim Resource Center. Those who have downloaded an evaluation version in the past and would like to do so again to check out the new Help system are welcome to request another evaluation version.

Rick Kossik
GoldSim Technology Group
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