May 24, 2005

GoldSim Version 9 Released

It's been in the works for over a year, and GoldSim Version 9 is now available to download. We are very excited about this new release, and think that you will find many of the new features very useful.

All current members of the GoldSim Subscription Program can download Version 9 now from the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC). If you are not a current member, but would like to test drive Version 9, request an Evaluation version.

Here are some of the most important enhancements that you will find in Version 9:

Optimization: You can ask GoldSim to find the optimal inputs for your model, in order to optimize the results. Thanks to Taisei Corporation (Japan) for supporting this development!

Sensitivity Analysis: Tornado charts, X-Y charts, and enhanced Monte Carlo post-processing options have been added. Thanks to our long-term client Enresa (Spain) for supporting this development!

Embedded Clocks: You can use shorter timesteps in some parts of your model than in others, which allows for higher-precision results without slowing down the overall solution.

Enhanced Graphics: Curved links, center-to-center influences, customized link styles, auto-layering of graphics, colored graphics sheets... your models will look better than ever!

Looping Submodels: Do you ever need to iterate in order to find the right answer for a submodel? Version 9 allows a Container element to loop "while" or "until" a specified condition is satisfied.

Previous Value Element: Have you ever used the ~ to specify previous-value links, and lost track of where you did this? In version 9 the new Previous Value element replaces the use of the tilde (~), so your model's logic will be clear.

Random Choice Element: A random event has occurred, and there are three possible consequences. The new Random-choice element will randomly sample which consequence happens, based on their probabilities. Event trees are a snap using this element.

CellNet Generator Element: For those CT-module users who have had to hand-construct networks of Cell elements to represent engineered barrier systems or geological barriers, the CellNet Generator can automate this tedious task. Thanks to Enresa for supporting this development task.

Enhanced Excel® Support: Version 9 makes interfacing with Excel® a lot easier and more flexible:

Spreadsheet elements can be linked to the cells in the spreadsheet by point and click operations. Dynamic offsets when importing or exporting to the spreadsheet are also supported.

Data can be automatically downloaded from spreadsheets into Lookup Table and Time Series elements.

Results can be exported to spreadsheets, either automatically or on-demand.

New Stochastic Distributions: Three additional Stochastic distribution types have been added to the library: Exponential, Pareto and Negative Binomial.

In addition to these major changes, Version 9 also includes a large number of smaller improvements and modifications, as well as a number of bug fixes.

A more detailed document that summarizes the modifications in Version 9, and discusses any issues related to converting model files from Version 8 is provided in the Start Menu (under All Programs | GoldSim 9.0 | Release Info | Converting v8 Models) when Version 9 is installed. This document can also be downloaded directly from the GRC prior to installing Version 9. It is strongly recommended that all existing GoldSim users read this document.

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