July 22, 2013

GoldSim 11 Released

Issaquah, WA (USA) - July 22, 2013 - GoldSim 11 was released on July 22, 2013.

GoldSim 11 represents our biggest update in many years, and has a large number of enhancements, ranging from minor cosmetic improvements to fundamental changes in GoldSim's basic architecture.

Some of the most notable new features and capabilities are listed below:

·         The Time tab of the Simulation Settings dialog has been completely redesigned to provide more intuitive and powerful tools for defining the timestepping options.

·         Time History Results and the Simulation Settings have been modified to prevent unnecessarily creating large result files. The most noticeable change in this regard is that for multiple realization (Monte Carlo) runs, time history results are only saved for outputs that are connected to Time History Result elements.

·         Run Properties (e.g., ETime, DayOf Week, etc.) have been redesigned to provide more intuitive and powerful tools for referencing these important properties.

·         A powerful new capability that allows you to create, run and compare different scenarios for your model has been added. Scenarios are differentiated by having different sets of input data. In particular, different scenarios have different values for one or more Data elements (referred to as Scenario Data). GoldSim’s scenario modeling capability allows you to directly compare results generated by different sets of input parameters. In effect, when you use this capability, your model can store (and subsequently compare) multiple sets of outputs.

·         The entire result display framework has been updated. This includes that ability to create Reporting Periods, allowing yopu to compute and report accumulated,  average, the change or the rate of change values over a specified period (e.g., monthly, annually). You can also view “unscheduled timesteps” in time history displays.

·         The compression algorithm for inserted (or pasted) images was improved allowing for smaller file size with similar quality.

The new features are described in detail in the GoldSim 11 Summary Document.

In addition to an updated Help system to describe all the new features, updated user manuals are installed with the software (in PDF format). Bound manuals can also be ordered directly from Amazon.com(and this is likely to be less expensive than printing and binding them yourself).

All users with current Subscriptions are encouraged to download this new version. All users with current Subscriptions can download GoldSim 11 directly from the Download Section of the GoldSim website.