August 26, 2010

GoldSim Version 10.11 SP4 Released

Issaquah, WA (USA) - August 26, 2010 - Version 10.11 SP4 of GoldSim was released on August 26, 2010.

GoldSim 10.11 provided several minor new features not included in Version 10.1. GoldSim 10.11 SP4 is the 4th Service Pack of 10.11. Version 10.11 SP4 is a minor upgrade which corrects several problems found in Version 10.11 SP3.  

A list of the changes in Version 10.11 and the various Service Packs can be found in the on-line Release Notes.

All users with current Subscriptions are encouraged to download this new Service Pack. Version 10.11 SP4 will automatically replace Version 10.1 or Version 10.11 if it has been previously installed on your computer. However, GoldSim 10.11 SP4 will not overwrite any pre-10.1 GoldSim versions currently on your machine (it will be installed in parallel).

All users with current Subscriptions can download GoldSim 10.11 SP4 directly from the Download Section.