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Downloads and Instructions for Configuring a Concurrent Network License

A Concurrent Network License allows multiple computers to access GoldSim over a network (typically a LAN). For example, a 3-seat Network license would allow up to 3 computers from anywhere on the network to concurrently (simultaneously) access GoldSim. GoldSim uses Flexera's FlexNet Publisher licensing system to implement the Network license. This is a widely-used system that will likely be familiar to IT staff in many organizations. This system provides a number of management tools for tracking and controlling usage.


To use a Concurrent Network license, a GoldSim License Server must be installed and activated on a server computer. In addition, each client computer must install the GoldSim software itself. Although installation of GoldSim on client machines is straightforward, the GoldSim License Server installation and configuration is more complex; it is composed of three individual and interacting software components. Deployment planning for, installation of, and configuration of a GoldSim License Server requires consideration of all three software components.

GoldSim License Server: Installation, Configuration, Basic Maintenance and Operation provides an overview of GoldSim License Server installation and configuration and should be consulted before starting the installation and configuration process. This document provides detailed instructions.

Deployment Planning

The first steps in setting up a Concurrent Network license consist of deployment planning:

  1. Select a License Server Administrator. This person is responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the GoldSim License Server.
    • The License Server Administrator will need to have “Administrator Privileges” on the target License Server computer.
  2. Select a computer on which to install the GoldSim License Server.

Installation and Configuration

After planning the deployment, the next steps consist of installing and configuring three software components:

  1. Install the GoldSim License Server Activation Utility (GLSActUtil). This provides a convenient tool for GoldSim Concurrent Network license management and provides the means for activating (i.e., fulfilling, a license) on the licenser server computer.
  2. Install the FlexNet Publisher License Server (FNPLS). This software was created and is provided by Flexera. Two installation packages are available based on the OS of the prospective license server computer (i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit).
  3. Install the GoldSim vendor daemon, GTG.exe. This provides the interface between FNPLS and a GoldSim software license fulfilled on the license server computer. GTG.exe is transferred to the license server computer as part of the GoldSim License Server Activation Utility (GLSActUtil) installation package.

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