GoldSim Partners


The objective of the GoldSim Technology Group is to provide our customers with complete end-to-end solutions to address their simulation needs. Our strategy is to keep the GoldSim Technology Group focused on building great simulation software and supporting the technical aspects of building effective GoldSim models. To provide other dimensions of complete solutions, we maintain close relationships with partners such as consulting firms and research organizations with industry-specific expertise.

GoldSim Partner Designations

GoldSim Certified Solution Providers

GoldSim Certified Solution Providers are generally consulting firms that have extensive experience applying GoldSim to complex problems. They can provide consulting services to build GoldSim models for your organization.

GoldSim Certified Training Providers

GoldSim Certified Training Providersare specific individuals within GoldSim Certified Solution Provider organizations who can also provide training services on how to use GoldSim.

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If you are interested in becoming a GoldSim partner, see How to Become a GoldSim Partner.


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