Spring 2005

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Creating Curved Influences. Version 9 now supports curved influences (the arrows connecting elements). By default, when an influence is created, it is drawn as a straight line. To create a curved influence, select the influence (by left-clicking on it), grab the control point in the middle of the influence, and then drag it to give it the amount of curvature you would like.



The GoldSim Knowledge Base contains articles addressing frequently asked questions, workarounds for known problems, and advice on applying GoldSim. The Knowledge Base is available from within the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC). At least 10 new knowledge base articles have been added in the last few months.

We encourage you to visit the Knowledge Base, as even expert users are likely to find useful information there.



The GoldSim Model Library allows GoldSim users to build on the experience and knowledge of others by sharing models. The Library is available from within the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC).

All of the models in the Model Library have been converted to Version 9.

If you have a model that you think would be worthwhile to post to the library, please send it, along with text describing the model, to support@goldsim.com.



Welcome to the Spring 2005 Issue of the GoldSim Newsletter!

The mission of the GoldSim Technology Group is to provide state-of-the-art software, training and expert consulting to help you understand complex systems and make better decisions in an uncertain world. Our GoldSim simulation software package provides the power, flexibility and usability necessary to efficiently simulate and understand the future behavior of complex systems in business, engineering and science.

The purpose of the GoldSim Newsletter is to provide information that helps you get the most out of GoldSim. Like you, we don't like getting lots of unnecessary email in our Inbox, so we only send out our newsletter if we have something useful to communicate (usually 2 to 4 times per year). This issue of the Newsletter focuses on the release of our new version, and also presents several other items of interest, including an interesting application of GoldSim submitted by one of our academic users, and news on what we are planning for our next release.

Note that each Newsletter is archived on our website so you can view old issues.

Since this newsletter is for you, we encourage you to send us your comments and contributions. Send your contributions to support@goldsim.com.

The GoldSim Technology Group



GoldSim Version 9 Released!

At last! It's been in the works for over a year, and GoldSim Version 9 is now available to download. We are very excited about this new release, and think that you will find many of the new features very useful.

All current members of the GoldSim Subscription Program can download Version 9 now from the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC). If you are not a current member, but would like to test drive Version 9, request an Evaluation version.

Click the Learn More link below to see an overview of some of the new features. Due to the large number of changes in this version, we have prepared a Version 9 Summary and Conversion document to help existing users come up to speed with the new features and convert existing models. This document can be downloaded from the GRC prior to downloading the installation file, and is also automatically installed along with the software when you upgrade. After installation, it can be found in the Windows Start menu (All Programs | GoldSim 9.0 | Release Info | Converting v8 Models). Existing users are strongly encouraged to read this document.

We appreciate and value your comments, so if you have any feedback on the new version (both positive and negative), we'd love to hear from you at support@goldsim.com.


GoldSim Technology Group Wins NASA Research and Development Grant

In January, the GoldSim Technology Group started work on a NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project, with the goal of demonstrating an integrated total-system risk and reliability analysis approach that is based on dynamic, probabilistic simulation. Currently NASA relies primarily on fault-tree analysis.

This work is expected to lead to enhancements in GoldSim's ability to differentiate uncertainty from random processes, and to show how GoldSim's new Reliability Module can be used for risk and reliability assessments of future NASA missions. The results of this research will be incorporated into the new Reliability Module to be released this summer.



No More Free Internet? Modeling Pricing Mechanisms in Packet-Switched Communication Networks Using GoldSim

So far, once you are connected to the Internet your usage has been free. However, the capacity of the Internet isn't infinite, and the day may come when you have to pay for your usage. Professor Tomaž Turk, of the Economics Faculty at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, has been using GoldSim to simulate packet-switched communication networks and the impacts on traffic of alternative pricing schemes.



Version 9.1

Version 9 has just been released, but our development team never rests. Here are some of the things that we are working on:

  • Reliability Module. The Reliability Module, which enhances GoldSim's ability to do risk and reliability studies of complex engineered systems, is nearing completion, and will be released by the end of the summer.

  • Stochastic Optimization. The Optimization capability introduced in Version 9 will be enhanced to allow you to optimize uncertain systems. It's going to take some time to run these analyses, but you will be able to address problems such as "Adjust my pricing scheme so as to maximize my expected profits, while having no more than a 10% chance of going broke".

  • Two-Dimensional Monte Carlo. We're adding a capability for you to embed one GoldSim model inside another. This should be particularly useful for cases where you need to separate the effects of uncertainty from randomness/variability. You will be able to have an outer Monte Carlo model that samples the uncertain parameters, and an inner model that simulates system performance subject to random effects.


As always, we encourage our users to send their requests and suggestions for improvements to GoldSim. If you have a specific request, please contact us at support@goldsim.com.

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