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Automatically Exporting Time History Results to a Spreadsheet. In some cases, it may be very useful to automatically export time history results directly to a spreadsheet at the end of a simulation. This allows the data to be readily used by other applications, or to be processed and graphically displayed in Excel. GoldSim provides a flexible mechanism to easily export results from a Time History Result element to an Excel spreadsheet at the end of a simulation. To learn more, search for "Spreadsheets, exporting results from Time History Result" in the Index tab of the Help file.



The GoldSim Knowledge Base contains articles addressing frequently asked questions, workarounds for known problems, and advice on applying GoldSim. The Knowledge Base is available from within the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC).

We encourage you to visit the Knowledge Base, as even expert users are likely to find useful information there.



The GoldSim Model Library allows GoldSim users to build on the experience and knowledge of others by sharing models. The Library is available from within the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC).

New models that have recently been added include:

Model 44 - Comparison of selling a commodity at spot price versus contract price

Model 45 - Simulating European put and call options

Model 46 - Simulating moving averages

Model 48 - Simulating pumps (with failures and repairs)

If you have a model that you think would be worthwhile to post to the library, please send it, along with text describing the model, to



Welcome to the Winter 2006 Issue of the GoldSim Newsletter!

The mission of the GoldSim Technology Group is to provide state-of-the-art software, training and expert consulting to help you understand complex systems and make better decisions in an uncertain world. Our GoldSim simulation software package provides the power, flexibility and usability necessary to efficiently simulate and understand the future behavior of complex systems in business, engineering and science.

The purpose of the GoldSim Newsletter is to provide information that helps you get the most out of GoldSim. Like you, we don't like getting lots of unnecessary email in our Inbox, so we only send out our newsletter if we have something useful to communicate. This issue of the Newsletter focuses on a new release of GoldSim, and also presents several other items of interest, including a reminder about our upcoming User Conference, an article describing how you can leverage the diversity of the GoldSim user community, and a discussion of some of the key features planned for our next major release, scheduled for the summer of 2006.

Note that each Newsletter is archived on our website so you can view old issues.

Since this newsletter is for you, we encourage you to send us your comments and contributions. Send your contributions to

The GoldSim Technology Group



Version 9.2 of GoldSim Released

Version 9.2 provides a number of enhancements to the Contaminant Transport and Radionuclide Transport (CT and RT) modules. In particular,

The Species element’s information can now be exported to and imported from a spreadsheet. This allows for the transfer of a species list, along with decay properties, between GoldSim models. Also, new options allow for specification of decay rates as either rates or half lives, and for sorting of the species list by either name or atomic weight.

The Source element has been significantly modified and streamlined, and now serves as a Container element.

The Cell-net Generator element has been enhanced with better support for axisymmetric models, direct links to media types, and an option for anisotropic diffusion properties.

The Network Pathway element, typically used to represent transport through fractured rock masses, has been enhanced to support “Watch Groups” which track the mass flux through selected ‘windows’ within the system. This allows the user to monitor the progress of transport through a complex network.

Version 9.2 also includes a number of performance enhancements, bug-fixes, and user-interface improvements, including significant enhancements to the performance and stability of linkages to Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, even if you are not a CT/RT user, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this version.

All current members of the GoldSim Subscription Program can download Version 9.2 now from the GoldSim Resource Center (GRC).


GoldSim User Conference to be Held in Vancouver, British Columbia, June 6-7, 2006

The 2006 GoldSim User Conference will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 6-7, 2006. Prior to the conference, we will offer a free one-day Basic GoldSim training and refresher course on June 5, 2006.

We are excited about this year's conference, which will be a terrific opportunity for you to share experiences with other users and the GoldSim developers, and to provide input for the future development of GoldSim.

The agenda for the two-day conference will include workshops and seminars to improve your GoldSim skills, presentation of a number of invited papers from our most experienced and knowledgeable users on topics of general interest, a poster session so you can see how other users are applying GoldSim, a model contest so you can show off your GoldSim skills (and learn from others), and several breakout sessions so users with common interests can share ideas.

As always, we will schedule several social events in the evenings so you can enjoy the sights of one of the world's most beautiful cities while networking with fellow GoldSim users, including shopping and dinner on Granville Island, and an evening dinner cruise.


GoldSim User Community

Leveraging Knowledge Within the GoldSim User Community

The GoldSim user community is quite diverse, with users in over 400 commercial, government and academic organizations worldwide. These organizations use GoldSim for a wide range of applications, including managing water resources, reducing environmental risks associated with hazardous and radioactive waste, modeling insurance risk, evaluating alternative business strategies, predicting disease transmission, optimizing mine and other industrial operations, and designing complex engineered systems, such as computer networks and space missions. GoldSim is also widely used geographically, with users in at least 25 countries around the world.

With such a wide range of applications and users, it is almost certain that someone out there has GoldSim modeling knowledge and experience that would be of value to you. The question is: how can you best leverage this? This article describes our current user community, points out some ways you can currently leverage this community, and describes some new user community features that we will introduce in the near future (e.g., online user discussion forums).



Here are some of the things that we are working on for our next version (code named Glacier), which we are hoping to release in summer 2006:

  • Stochastic Optimization. The Optimization capability introduced in Version 9 will be enhanced to allow you to optimize uncertain systems. It's going to take some time to run these analyses, but you will be able to address problems such as "Adjust my pricing scheme so as to maximize my expected profits, while having no more than a 10% chance of going broke".

  • Two-Dimensional Monte Carlo. We're adding a capability for you to embed one GoldSim model inside another. This should be particularly useful for cases where you need to separate the effects of uncertainty from randomness/variability. You will be able to have an outer Monte Carlo model that samples the uncertain parameters, and an inner model that simulates system performance subject to random effects.

  • User-Defined Custom Elements. This feature will allow users to create a complex model in a Container, and then "encapsulate" the Container. Encapsulation involves locking the Container so that no one can look inside at all (without a password), and building a custom user-interface for the Container (listing inputs and outputs). An encapsulated Container will effectively be a custom element that can be reused and distributed.

  • Interrupt Element. This new element will allow you to specify a condition that will cause the simulation to pause (or completely stop) and produce a user-defined message to be displayed.


As always, we encourage our users to send their requests and suggestions for improvements to GoldSim. If you have a specific request, please contact us at

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