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August 2011

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Integrated Water Resources Management Blog
(by Jason Lillywhite / GoldSim)
We encourage you to follow Jason's blog as he discusses topics related to simulation in the areas of water resources and decision support modeling. Concepts and applications in integrated water resources management are discussed, as well as other modeling topics such as:

- Data management and analysis

- Documentation best practices

- Reservoir systems operations

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Summer 2011 GoldSim Newsletter

GoldSim's mission is to help you make better decisions in an uncertain world by providing state-of-the-art software, training, and expert consulting. Our GoldSim simulation software package provides the power, flexibility, and usability to efficiently simulate and understand the future behavior of complex systems in business, engineering, and science.

Since this newsletter is for you, we encourage you to share your comments and contributions with us. Please email your thoughts to or post your comments in our Forums.

GoldSim News

GoldSim Training Sessions in Australia  

Brisbane, Australia: November 9-11, 2011

Perth, Australia: November 14-16, 2011

GoldSim Technology Group will provide two training sessions in Australia in November 2011: one in Brisbane (November 9th through 11th) and one in Perth (November 14th through 16th). Each session will consist of a two-day workshop that will provide a general introduction to the use of GoldSim. It will be of value to new users, and will also serve as an excellent refresher course (and introduction to new features) for existing users. An optional third day will cover use of the Contaminant Transport Module to support water quality and contaminant transport modeling.

Further details and registration forms can be found here. Note that attendance may be limited, so if you plan on attending, please register soon.

Other GoldSim Training Opportunities

Contaminant Transport Modeling in GoldSim Webinar

Join us for our monthly GoldSim Training Webinar held on August 25, 2011. This webinar will provide an overview of GoldSim's Contaminant Transport (CT) module. The CT Module can be used to build water quality models and simulate the fate and transport of contaminants in the environment.

Please go to our website to register.  

Also, for those of you who are interested, recordings of our past two webinars are made available on our webinar archive page.

Introduction to Dynamic Systems Modeling with a Focus on Water Resources

This workshop is sponsored by the American Water Resources Association and will be held at the venue of their annual conference. The workshop is intended to be an introduction for those new to GoldSim and dynamic systems modeling.

Date: Sunday, November 6, 2011, 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Cost: $25

At the end of this workshop, you will have a working understanding of dynamic, systems modeling approaches and a basic understanding of GoldSim software in the context of integrated water resources management.

Registration must be received by October 17, 2011. The course will be canceled if the number of students enrolled by October 17 is less than 8. Go to the AWRA website to register.

Modeler's Corner

Comparing Time Varying Data in GoldSim and Spreadsheets

 Jason Lillywhite - Senor Water Resource Engineer
Company: GoldSim Technology Group

The purpose of this article is to help GoldSim users who want to compare GoldSim model results to results of similar calculations done in a spreadsheet.  Because of fundamental differences between spreadsheets and dynamic simulators like GoldSim, people sometimes find it challenging to compare time-dependent results in the two programs. This article first describes the differences between dynamic simulation tools (i.e., GoldSim) and spreadsheets. Following this introduction, it describes some problems people commonly encounter when comparing GoldSim results to spreadsheet results.


Featured GoldSim Application

Using GoldSim to Support Coal Seam Gas Brine Management

Jerome Arunakumaren - Principal Hydrological Modelling Engineer
Company: RPS Group

Coal seam gas (CSG) is a natural gas consisting primarily of methane extracted from underground coal seams. CSG "production water" contains varying levels of salts. CSG water management focuses on the beneficial use of CSG water and the beneficial uses of salt. In this article, Jerome briefly describes how GoldSim was ued to develop an adaptive coal seam gas brine management strategy for the collection (sizing of brine contaminant ponds) and proper management of brine/salt for ultimate disposal/sequestration or beneficial use.


What's Cooking

Here are two of the many things we are currently working on for the next version (GoldSim 11), which we expect to release in early 2012:

  • Powerful scenario management features to assist in the definition and display of alternative scenarios in a model.

  • The ability to define "reporting periods" (e.g., every month, every quarter, every  year), where results can be output (regardless of the computational time step). This, for example, will make it easy to output monthly totals or monthly averages in a model with a daily time step.

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