Upgrade Announcement
March 2010

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This Upgrade Announcement is intended to alert GoldSim users to software upgrades that are being made available today.

Minor Upgrade to GoldSim 10.10 Released

GoldSim Technology Group announces the release of GoldSim 10.11. This is a minor upgrade to GoldSim 10.10, which was released in January 2010.  GoldSim 10.11 contains two minor new features and a number of important bug fixes, cosmetic changes and computational improvements. We encourage all users who have installed GoldSim 10.10 to install this upgrade.

If you already have GoldSim 10.10 installed, the installation will replace it with 10.11. The installation file is available below and from within the GoldSim Resource Center.

GoldSim 10.11 Installation File

The GoldSim 10.1 Summary Document summarizes the changes made in GoldSim 10.11. The document also includes all the changes made in GoldSim 10.10.

Minor Upgrade to the GoldSim Floating License Manager

If you are using a Floating license for GoldSim, an upgrade is now available for the GoldSim Floating License Manager. This upgrade incorporates some improvements to the licensing system.

The installation file is available below and from within the GoldSim Resource Center.

GoldSim Floating License Manager Installation File

A Note on Running Multiple GoldSim Versions on the Same Computer

Some users may find it necessary to have several versions of GoldSim on their computer (e.g., to support legacy projects).

GoldSim 10.11 can share a license with the following GoldSim versions on the same computer:

         10.10, 10.02, 10SP2, 10SP1, 10, and 9.60 SP5

Note, however, that in order for a current version of GoldSim to share a license with GoldSim 9.60, you should install 9.60 Service Pack 5 (SP5). This Service Pack is intended solely to support those users who must simultaneously use GoldSim 9.60 and a later version of GoldSim (e.g., GoldSim 10 or GoldSim 10.11) on the same computer. Due to differences in the licensing software used for these two versions, in order to run both 9.60 and any later version of GoldSim on the same machine and avoid potential license compatibility issues, you should install this service pack. The installation file for 9.60SP5 is available below and within the GoldSim Resource Center.

GoldSim 9.60 SP5 Installation File
(Note: you should uninstall all previous versions of 9.60 before installing 9.60 SP5. After installation of 9.60 SP5, you should reboot.)

If you wish to use the latest version of GoldSim while simultaneously retaining access to a version previous to GoldSim 9.60 SP5, depending on your license settings, it may be necessary to use a separate license for the older versions. If you need to run versions previous to 9.60, and are having trouble doing so, please contact the GoldSim Technology Group at, and we will provide instructions for successfully running these older versions.

Converting GoldSim Files from Previous Versions

It is strongly recommended that unless there is a specific need to maintain a model file in an old version, you should upgrade your model to the latest version. This is because the latest version will have the greatest number of features, and will also have addressed any significant bugs that were identified in previous versions.

Detailed instructions for converting old GoldSim files to the latest version can be found here. This file is also available from within the GoldSim Resource Center.


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