February 2012

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Some new models that have recently been added to the Model Library include:


Calibrating a model against observed data


Flood risk assessment from a dam breach


Creating a dashboard-specified discrete distribution

If you have a model that you think would be worth posting to the library, please send it, along with a description, to support@goldsim.com.



Some new articles that have recently been added to the Knowledge Base include:


Comparing time varying data in GoldSim and spreadsheets


Simple mixing equilibria using lookup tables and PHREEQC


Memory usage in GoldSim

We encourage you to visit the Knowledge Base, as even expert users are likely to find useful information there.



February 2012 GoldSim Newsletter

GoldSim's mission is to help you make better decisions in an uncertain world by providing state-of-the-art software, training, and expert consulting. Our GoldSim simulation software package provides the power, flexibility, and usability to efficiently simulate and understand the future behavior of complex systems in business, engineering, and science.

Since this newsletter is for you, we encourage you to share your comments and contributions with us. Please email your thoughts to support@goldsim.com.

GoldSim Version 11 Preview

We have been working very hard for over a year on our next major release, GoldSim Version 11, which is scheduled for release this summer. Version 11 represents our biggest update in over three years, and will have a large number of enhancements, ranging from minor cosmetic improvements to fundamental changes in GoldSim's basic architecture.

We are very excited about this new version, and think you will be, too. In the short article linked below, we provide a summary of the upcoming enhancements in order to whet your appetite.


GoldSim Training Sessions

We will be holding an open training session in our Issaquah (Seattle) office on March 13-15, 2012. The workshop will provide a general introduction to the use of GoldSim. It will be of value to new users, and will also serve as an excellent refresher course (and introduction to new features) for existing users. A brief agenda can be found here. Click here to register.

Upcoming Webinars

In addition to our regularly scheduled monthly webinars, we will hold 3 additional training webinars to introduce some of the major enhancements included in Version 11. The topics include:

April – Scenario Manager

May – Reporting Periods

June – Flow Network Solver

Each of these new webinars will be held on the second Thursday of the month unless stated otherwise on our webinars page. Further details about the webinars will be posted on the webinar schedule page here.

User Opinion Poll

We need your help in planning future training sessions, as well as our international user conference. Please take this quick poll to let us know where you would like to see these events. Follow the link below to give us your feedback.

Featured GoldSim Application

Modeling Photovoltaic System Reliability and Performance Using GoldSim

Steven Miller (spmille@sandia.gov), Joshua Stein, and Jennifer Granata, Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratories is using GoldSim to develop an analytical, scenario-based predictive modeling tool that can be used to help owners, operators, risk managers, and financiers simulate planned photovoltaic projects to avoid costly system weaknesses prior to development.  This article describes this innovative application.


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