November 2013


New GoldSim 11 Maintenance Update Now Available for Download

In July, we released GoldSim 11, our biggest update in many years, which has a large number of enhancements, ranging from minor cosmetic improvements to fundamental changes in GoldSim's basic architecture. An overview of new features can be found here.

In September, we released the first maintenance update (GoldSim 11.0.2) to address a number of minor bugs and issues that were identified since its initial release. In order to continue to rapidly respond to user-reported issues and requests, on 22 November we released the second maintenance update for GoldSim 11 (GoldSim 11.0.3). The Release Notes for this version provide a complete list of changes. Most of the issues are minor (and unlikely to affect many users). The most notable of the changes are listed below:

  • Starting in GoldSim 11, Probability History Charts extrapolated percentiles at the tails of the distribution. This could result in reported percentiles that were outside the realistic range for the variable, and this caused confusion. This has been changed so that all displayed percentiles remain within the bounds of the sampled data (i.e., extrapolation of tails is no longer allowed).
  • Correction to Reservoir elements that are defined as arrays, which could produce incorrect results for some array items when other items hit an upper bound. Although use of array-type Reservoirs is typically rare, they are used in one specific model (the AWBM runoff model) available in our model library.
  • Changes were made to Reservoir elements to better handle moving bounds.
  • Correction to CT Module where under certain conditions, simulating diffusive transport using long timesteps can lead to incorrect results.

It is strongly recommended that anyone using GoldSim 11 upgrade to this version. The process should take less than 5 minutes. Simply download the installation file here, run it, and it will upgrade your current version. No re-registration of the software is required.

Note: In order to upgrade from older versions of GoldSim to GoldSim 11, you will need to have a current Subscription. If you don't know if your Subscription is up to date, or want to learn about updating your Subscription, contact us.