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January 2014



New GoldSim 11 Maintenance Update Now Available for Download

In July, we released GoldSim 11, our biggest update in many years, which has a large number of enhancements, ranging from minor cosmetic improvements to fundamental changes in GoldSim's basic architecture. An overview of new features can be found here.

Since then, we have released several maintenance updates to address minor bugs and issues that were identified since its initial release. The latest maintenance update for GoldSim 11 is GoldSim 11.0.6. The Release Notes provide a complete list of changes in all versions. The most notable changes included in the last several maintenance updates are listed below:

  • An error was found in the CT Module’s Pipe element. If, and only if, a Pipe element has suspended solids present, its calculated mass outflux rates may be incorrect.  This is particularly significant when decay chains are involved.  Any CT or RT Module users who have models that use Pipe elements that have suspended solids should install this update and re-run their models to assess the significance of the error.  Note that this error exists in all prior GoldSim versions.
  • Corrected and improved the handling of Reservoir calculations when the Reservoir is at its bounds.

It is strongly recommended that anyone using GoldSim 11 upgrade to this version. The process should take less than 5 minutes. Simply download the installation file here, run it, and it will upgrade your current version. No re-registration of the software is required.

Note: In order to upgrade from older versions of GoldSim to GoldSim 11, you will need to have a current Subscription. If you don't know if your Subscription is up to date, or want to learn about updating your Subscription, contact us.

Attend our Next Webinar

As many of you know, we provide free, monthly webinars to introduce and demonstrate various GoldSim applications and concepts. We encourage you to attend these. Our next Webinar scheduled for this week is a continuation of the previous one (Modeling Reservoir Outflows), which introduces modeling of multiple outflows from a Reservoir. Like all of our webinars, this webinar will provide you with some simple examples that can be applied in real world modeling applications.

Please visit our webinars registration page to learn more and register. Also, if you are interested in joining our webinar email list to get reminders for registration, please send an email to with the words, “Webinar Email Subscription” in the subject line. Our webinars are recorded so you can catch up on the ones you may have missed, such as snowmelt modeling, scenario analysis, watershed catchments, and many more. Please visit our Past Webinars page for more information.

GoldSim is Hiring

Working for the GoldSim Technology Group offers the excitement and challenge of working for a small company that is stable, successful, and has a growing customer and client base. Our culture rewards exceptional individuals who work well with others, who seek out responsibility and personal accountability, and who are comfortable with lively debate on topics ranging from software design to marketing strategies.

We currently have the following open positions:

  • Senior Simulation Engineer
  • Scientific Programmer/Analyst

Visit our Jobs Page to learn more.  

Upcoming Training Opportunities

We need your input to help schedule additional training sessions. If you're interested in attending a session, please take a moment to complete this online poll.

What's Cooking?

Our development team never rests! We are currently testing and documenting a new minor release of GoldSim (GoldSim 11.1).  This version contains a number of useful features that we did not have time to include in GoldSim 11, including:

  • New scenario display options. These allow you to group scenario time history results in multiple ways (all scenarios for a specified result, all results for a specified scenario, or all results and scenarios together).
  • New result display options. You can control settings for significant figures and whether or not results are displayed in scientific notation.
  • Auto-save model recovery information. A new optional feature has been added that automatically saves a backup copy at specified time intervals while the model is being edited. In case of an unexpected termination GoldSim can restart itself and recover a more recent version of the model (if it was not saved manually).
  • Monte Carlo results on Dashboards. Dashboard output controls can be configured to output a user-defined statistic based on the output’s final value results over all completed Monte Carlo realizations.
  • Navigating between Result Elements and referenced outputs. New options have been provided that allow you to navigate directly from a Result element to all referenced outputs, and similarly from a specific element to all Result elements where the element’s results are referenced.
  • Improvements to the SubModel Interface. The capabilities of SubModel output interfaces have been improved significantly, allowing you to more easily pass nearly any result from the inside of a SubModel to the outside. Time History Result elements have been updated to support these results, such as displaying time histories for nested Monte Carlo runs.
  • And more. Other additions and improvements include a new trigger type for Conditional Containers, improved data import from Spreadsheets, and improved Probability History charts.

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