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December 2014



GoldSim's mission is to help you make better decisions in an uncertain world by providing state-of-the-art software, training, and prompt support. Our GoldSim simulation software package provides the power, flexibility, and usability to efficiently simulate and understand the future behavior of complex systems in business, engineering, and science.

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GoldSim 11.1 Update 2 Now Available for Download

GoldSim 11.1 Update 2 (11.1.2) was released on November 18, 2014. The key modifications are described in the Release Notes. If you have not yet upgraded to GoldSim 11.1, you will note that it adds a number of new features and also tweaks some of the modifications we made to GoldSim 11 in response to user requests. An overview of new features in GoldSim 11.1 can be found here.

All users with current Subscriptions can download the latest GoldSim installation file from the Download section of our website. If you don't know if your Subscription is up to date, or want to learn about updating your Subscription, contact us.

Announcing the New GoldSim Blog!

GoldSim BlogWe've started a new GoldSim blog that we plan to update weekly.  The blog is provided as a resource to existing GoldSim users.  However, you don't need to be a GoldSim expert to follow this blog; it should also prove to be a valuable resource for novice GoldSim users.  (If you are completely new to GoldSim, this is not the place to start; instead, you should visit the GoldSim website).

The blog complements the resources available in the GoldSim Library (such as the Model Library and Knowledge Base) and User Forum, and may occasionally refer to articles or models referenced there.  It is intended to provide an informal mechanism for GoldSim staff to share their knowledge, point out some of the more advanced (and perhaps overlooked) GoldSim features, share and discuss common mistakes we see in GoldSim applications, discuss interesting applications, and keep you abreast of our plans for further GoldSim developments. 

If there are specific topics you would like to see discussed, let us know!  

Changes to the GoldSim User Forum

GoldSim LinkedIn ForumWe have recently moved our User Forum to the GoldSim User Group on LinkedIn®. There are a number of advantages to this; the primary being that we believe the Forum will receive more traffic there. This in turn means that if you post a question or comment, it is more likely that someone (other than GTG staff) will provide some input.  The more use the Forum gets, the more valuable of a resource it becomes to our users. In addition, by using LinkedIn®, we hope the Forum becomes a mechanism for users to interact directly with each other, perhaps making valuable professional connections.

Follow the link above to register and join the group. Note that if you are not currently a member of LinkedIn®, you will need to register before joining our group.

Upcoming Webinars

We schedule free monthly webinars to discuss GoldSim applications and expand on various GoldSim features. The webinars are held twice each day (morning and afternoon) to accommodate users worldwide. Upcoming webinars are listed below:


29 January 2015

Scenarios and the Dashboard


26 February 2015

Modeling Unsaturated Flow Using Material Delays


26 March 2015

Designing Well-Structured and Scalable Models


30 April 2015

Modeling Water Quality in Streams and Rivers


28 May 2015

Time Series Analysis


25 June 2015

Simulating Projects




You can sign up for these webinars here.



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