April 2017


Free Online Training Course Now Available

Online Course

We are excited to announce that the GoldSim Online Training Course is now available. We have been working on this for two years (creating an effective online course is hard work)!  This “hands-on” course includes nearly sixty exercises and examples, and is linked throughout to a web-based version of the Help system, so you can immediately dive into reference documentation to explore any topic in more detail.

This self-paced course provides you with a thorough understanding of the key concepts on which GoldSim is based. As such, it provides the fundamentals required to build complex models of nearly any kind of system. That is, it does not simply focus on the mechanics of using the GoldSim software; just as importantly, it explains the fundamental concepts underlying dynamic, probabilistic simulation in general. Although the course was primarily designed for those who are new to GoldSim, existing GoldSim users are also likely to find many parts of the course to be of value.

When an introductory GoldSim course is taught in person, it typically requires two (intensive) days (16 hours).  However, this course actually covers the material in significantly greater detail, so it will likely take up to three or four days to complete. The course is organized into Units and Lessons, so you can easily take the course at your own pace (and if you register, the site will remember where you left off).

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GoldSim is Hiring!

We’re looking for an engineer who is enthusiastic about GoldSim and simulation modeling.

You must be someone who is creative, flexible and versatile such that you can tackle a wide variety of activities, ranging from software design to customer support, consulting, training and marketing.

Working for the GoldSim Technology Group offers the excitement and challenge of working for a small company that is stable, successful, and has a growing customer and client base. Our culture rewards exceptional individuals who work well with others, who seek out responsibility and personal accountability, and who are comfortable with lively debate on topics ranging from software design to marketing strategies.


  • Master’s degree in engineering or science.
  • 3 years professional experience.
  • Experience with dynamic simulation tools, preferably GoldSim.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Monte Carlo methods and basic statistical analysis.
  • Legal working status in the United States.


  • Reliability engineering and/or risk analysis experience.
  • Software development experience.

Send your resume and a cover letter that discusses why you want to work for the GoldSim Technology Group to jobs@goldsim.com. The job offering is a full-time position with competitive salary and benefits. The position is available immediately and is located in Issaquah (Seattle), Washington.

Upcoming Webinars

We schedule free monthly webinars to discuss GoldSim applications and expand on various GoldSim features. The webinars are held twice each day (morning and afternoon) to accommodate users worldwide. Upcoming webinars are listed below:


27 April 2017

Modeling Process Flow Loops


25 May 2017

Linking to a Database


29 June 2017

Dynamically Representing Stage-Storage-Area Relationships for Tailings Storage Facilities (Guest Webinar by David Hoekstra of SRK)


27 July 2017

Viewing and Exporting Statistical Results from GoldSim

You can sign up for these webinars here. If you are interested in providing a guest webinar in the future, contact us.

GoldSim Workshop: Informed Risk Management

As part of the American Water Resources Association Summer Conference, GoldSim will host a 1-day training seminar in Tysons Corner, VA. For more information and for registration, go here.

This hands-on training session is designed for engineers and scientists involved in modeling and decision support for water resources applications. The focus will be on dynamic simulation and modeling techniques for incorporating uncertainty and evaluating risk and reliability of water resources. Through hands-on examples, you will practice building your own water management model with a custom user interface, data input, model functions, and result processing for evaluating climate uncertainty and its impact on water quality and quantity of a typical water system. This example model will also assess water supply vulnerability under simple mitigation scenarios.

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