September 2013


GoldSim 11 Maintenance Update Now Available for Download

In July, we released GoldSim 11, our biggest update in many years, which has a large number of enhancements, ranging from minor cosmetic improvements to fundamental changes in GoldSim's basic architecture. An overview of new features can be found here.

Last week we released GoldSim 11.0.2, a maintenance update which addresses a number of minor bugs and issues that have been discovered since its initial release. The Release Notes for this version summarize the key changes. It is strongly recommended that anyone using GoldSim 11 upgrade to this version. The process should take less than 5 minutes. Simply download the installation file here, run it, and it will upgrade your current version. No re-registration of the software is required.

Note: In order to run GoldSim 11, you will need to have a current Subscription. If you don't know if your Subscription is up to date, or want to learn about updating your Subscription, contact us.

GoldSim 11 Documentation

Due to the extensive changes in GoldSim 11, you may want to have access to a printed user manual (in addition to the Help system). Updated user manuals are installed with the software (in PDF format). In addition, bound manuals can be ordered directly from (this is likely to be less expensive than printing and binding them yourself).