Population Growth Aging Chain


Simulate Population Projections Using Discrete Pushes and Integrator Arrays


This example shows how GoldSim can be used to model the dynamics of a population of individuals using Discrete Change elements which push values to Integrator elements. This Integrator array and discrete change push approach makes simulating a large number of age groups or cohorts much easier than representing the individual cohorts or groups.

Each 1-year age group of a population of individuals (ages 0 to 99) is modeled using a vector of discrete amounts added to an Integrator element via a push from a Discrete Change element. The discrete annual number of births is pushed to the age 0 to 1 cohort at the beginning of each year (first row of the Integrator array). The use of the discrete push functionality then pushes each vector row into the next vector row which moves each annual cohort up to the next year.


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