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GoldSim, GoldSim Research, GoldSim Academic and Trial versions of GoldSim are all installed using the same installation file provided below. In order to run GoldSim, you must enter an Activation ID after installing the software. Your Activation ID determines the duration of your license and what features and modules will be activated. (Activation IDs are provided when you purchase the software or request a Trial or Academic license).

Please be sure to review the Release Notes (and Installation Instructions) prior to installing GoldSim.

This release will install in parallel to any previous version of GoldSim (e.g., 11.1 and 12.0).

GoldSim 12.1.5

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Date of Original Release (12.1, Build #106): June 27, 2018

Date of Latest Update (12.1.5, Build #263): July 15, 2020

GoldSim 12.1 Summary Document

*NOTE TO NETWORK ADMINISTRATORS: Beginning with 12.1.3, GoldSim requires FlexNet Publisher License Server and GoldSim License Server Activation Utility 1.2. Please refer to the Network License Downloads page for instructions and downloads.

Additional Information

Standalone License Users: To activate GoldSim, install the software, start GoldSim, and select "Activate Standalone License" in the dialog that appears. You will then be prompted to enter your Activation ID (which is provided to you in and Entitlement Certificate via email).

Concurrent Network License Users: Network licenses are activated on a server hosting the license. Any client computer that wishes to use the Network license must first install GoldSim. After starting GoldSim, select "Connect to Network License". You will then be promoted for the address of the License Server, which must be provided to you by your License Administrator.