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Models Illustrating the Use of GoldSim's Extension Modules

The models in this section of the Model Library illustrate the use of GoldSim's Extension modules.

Each model in the Library is assigned to one or more categories. You can narrow the list by selecting a specific category:

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  • Risk Assessment of Lunar Base

    This is a model that simulates the performance of a lunar base over its planned 20 year lifespan. It illustrates how GoldSim's Reliability Module can be use to carry out a probabilistic risk assessment of a complex system.

  • Risk Assessment of Planetary Mission

    This is a model that simulates an unmanned scientific mission to another planet. It illustrates how GoldSim's Reliability Module can be used to carry out a probabilistic risk assessment of a complex system.

  • Parallel Pumps

    This model shows how reliability elements can be used to model throughput in an oil pumping facility. Pumps are turned on and off as the desired flow rate changes and pumps fail and are repaired.

  • Simulating a Water Conservation Program

    Simulate the feedback loop between water sales revenues and funding a conservation program.

  • College Planner

    Simulate the growth of a money market fund plus savings account that represents a college fund. What is the chance of saving enough for your child?

  • Modeling Losses through a System of Pumps

    Simple model of calculating production losses through a set of three parallel pumps each with failures and repairs

  • Operate Two Out of Three Machines

    Illustration of logic to keep a specified number of Reliability Module components operating at given times

  • Simple Mixing Chemistry Equilibria Using Lookup Tables

    Simple mixing chemistry equilibria model which uses lookup tables to link to PHREEQC

  • Solubility Calculation

    Example model showing an approach for calculating the solubility of an element based on equilibrium chemistry

  • Water Treatment for Acid Mine Drainage

    Example of integrating equilibrium chemical processes into GoldSim to represent water treatment for acid mine drainage

  • Depreciation Methods

    Calculation and comparison of three different depreciation methods

  • Mortgage Calculator

    This simple model can be used to calculate the monthly payment of a fixed-rate mortgage.

  • Grinding Mill Circuit

    This reliability model illustrates a typical closed circuit grinding mill circuit, used in many mine processing plants.

  • Pricing European Options

    This model prices the value of European (fixed exercise date) call and put options for a stock.

  • Lake Biogeochemical Food Web Model

    This is a model of nitrogen, phytoplankton, zooplankton and dissolved oxygen dynamics in a stratified lake.

  • Simple Financial Model

    This model provides a simple financial simulation of a company.

  • BTEX Vapor Migration

    This model simulates air concentrations of BTEX at a former gas station site.

  • Pollution Caused by Leachate from Spoil Heap

    This model illustrates the simulation of transport and mixing of two contaminants sourced from a spoils heap.

  • Simulating Failure Risk of a Pump Station

    Use the Reliability Module of GoldSim to calculate the failure modes of various components of a pumping station and water delivery system.

  • Cash Flow Alternatives

    Simulating production scenarios to help decide whether to replace or repair a widget production system

  • Performance Assessment Model

    Radiological performance assessment (PA) model incorporating many features and processes typical of a PA for a disposal facility for low-level radioactive waste (LLW).

  • Withdrawing From a Retirement Account

    Calculate the number of years you can withdraw money from a retirement account with interest and inflation


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