Specialized Features of GoldSim RT (Radionuclide Transport) Module

The GoldSim Contaminant Transport Module is an add-on extension to the GoldSim simulation framework that allows you to dynamically model mass transport within complex engineered and/or natural environmental systems.

The Contaminant Transport Module is available in two versions: GoldSim CT and GoldSim RT.

Source Element

GoldSim RT is an expanded version of the Contaminant Transport Module. GoldSim RT includes all the functionality of GoldSim CT, with added functionality designed to support simulation of the release and transport of radioactive constituents from disposal sites. In particular, GoldSim RT adds the following features:

  • The ability to simulate decay chains (of unlimited length);
  • A specialized element to simulate engineered barriers (e.g., waste packages and other engineered disposal components);
  • A specialized element to automate generation of large cell networks; and
  • A specialized element to facilitate simulation of transport in complex fractured rock networks.

The fundamental output produced by the Contaminant Transport modules (both CT and RT) consists of predicted mass fluxes at specified locations within the system, and predicted concentrations within environmental media (e.g., groundwater, soil, air) throughout the system. If desired, concentrations in environmental media can be converted to doses and/or health risks by assigning appropriate conversion factors.

The GoldSim RT module was originally developed to assist the United States Department of Energy (DOE) in the evaluation of radioactive waste management alternatives, and is currently being used to help design remediation measures and to evaluate the safety of proposed radioactive waste disposal facilities worldwide.

To learn more, read an Excerpt from the GoldSim Contaminant Transport Module User's Guide (1.0 Mb PDF).


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