Modeling the Environmental and Economic Impacts of Highway Access Control Techniques

As population growth increases, additional demands are placed on existing highway systems.   Reconfiguring intersections and roadways to limit the number of access points to a particular roadway reduces congestion and has been shown to increase safety.

Dan Andersen of CH2M Hill's Las Vegas office constructed a model in GoldSim to try and quantify the environmental benefits (due to reduced emissions) and the economic impacts on businesses in areas where access management techniques were applied.

Model of the Environmental and Economic Impacts of Highway Access Control

The model allows the user to adjust driveway spacing, implement different driveway consolidation strategies and install medians on a segment of highway and view the impact of those changes over time.

The models are described in more detail in this report: The Environmental and Economic Benefits of Highway Access Management: A Multivariate Analysis Using System Dynamics

Models for three roadway segments in the Las Vegas area can also be downloaded from the GoldSim Resource Center by following this link:  Modelling the Economic, Environmental and Safety Impacts of Highway Access Control


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