Courses: Introduction to GoldSim:

Unit 3 - Exploring and Running a Simple Model

Lesson 5 - Viewing Element Properties

You can display the properties dialog of any element in a model by double-clicking the element.

  1. Double-click the Tank element to display its properties dialog. The Tank is represented by an element type called a Pool.  The properties dialog for a Pool element looks like this:

    Most elements in GoldSim have a single tab (page).  The Pool element, however, like a number of other elements in GoldSim, has multiple tabs. The default tab is the Definition tab.  It shows:
    • An ID for the element.
    • The element’s Description (which is also shown in a tool tip when you hold your mouse over the element in the graphics pane or the browser).
    • Two sets of Units (Quantity and Flow) which are the units in which the element’s outputs will be displayed (in this case, liters and liters/minute).
    • Check-boxes for selecting element options (e.g., for defining a Lower and Upper Bound).
    • Several input fields, which can contain a value, a link from the output of another element, or a mathematical expression.  In this particular model, we have specified an Initial Quantity (the tank is initially empty), a Lower Bound (of zero) and an Upper Bound.
  2. Now click the Inflows tab:

    A single Inflow has been specified.
  3. Now click the Outflows tab: 

    A single Outflow has been specified.
  4. Close the dialog by pressing the OK button.
  5. You can do the same for some of the other  elements.  For example, double-clicking on the Leakage_Rate element displays the properties dialog for the Expression element representing the leakage rate from the tank:

    Note that an Expression element has only a single tab.
  6. Close the dialog by pressing the OK button.