About the GoldSim Technology Group

The GoldSim Technology Group is a privately held software company dedicated to delivering software and services to help people understand complex systems and make better decisions. The combination of our diverse technical and business backgrounds, our extensive experience in modeling complex systems, and our ability to continuously enhance our state-of-the-art simulation tools allow us to efficiently solve difficult problems that cannot be readily addressed by others.

Our flagship GoldSim software is based on technology developed over a period of more than 25 years. The software is very actively developed, and continues to evolve in response to customer's needs.

GoldSim currently has thousands of users around the world and has been used by and/or for a diverse set of customers and clients in nearly 60 countries, and our user-base continues to grow.

Our history is in the civil and environmental engineering arena, but GoldSim was designed from the ground up as a general-purpose, probabilistic simulation framework. As a result, the software is now being used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from long-term business planning for manufacturing companies to operational models of mines to water resource and energy applications.

A Commitment to Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing prompt and extensive support to our users, and are committed to ensuring that each installation of our software is successful and adds value to the customer. Our support ranges from basic technical support to address installation and questions regarding basic use of the software to customized on-site training and consulting.

A Commitment to Our Partnership Network

Our objective is to provide our customers with complete end-to-end solutions to address their simulation needs. Our strategy is to keep the GoldSim Technology Group focused on building great simulation software and supporting the technical aspects of building effective GoldSim models. To provide other dimensions of complete solutions, we maintain close relationships with consulting partners with industry-specific expertise.