Courses: Introduction to GoldSim:

Unit 3 - Exploring and Running a Simple Model

Lesson 6 - Viewing the Simulation Settings

Before you can carry out a simulation, you must specify how you want the model to be run. We do this by defining the simulation settings.  Let's see what the simulation settings look like for our model.

  1. Open the Simulation Settings dialog by pressing F2:

    You can also open the Simulation Settings dialog by choosing Run | Simulation Settings from the main menu bar, or by pressing Simulation Settings button in the toolbar:

    We see that the simulation has a Duration of (i.e., will be run for) 72 simulated hours, with the model being updated (the Basic Step) once per simulated 15 minutes.  The Time Display Units are in days, which means, as you will see, that when we plot time history results, the x-axis will be labeled in days.
  2. Close the dialog by pressing the OK button.

Note: This simple model is deterministic, not probabilistic.  If it was probabilistic, we would also be interested in the Monte Carlo tab of the Simulation Settings dialog.