GoldSim Academic Application Form

If you wish to apply for an Academic version of GoldSim, please fill out the application form provided below. The restrictions and terms for Academic licenses are described here.

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Additional Information

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Terms of Use

By checking the box below I agree to the following:

  1. I will only use GoldSim Academic for teaching and/or "internally funded" graduate student research (i.e., student research funded at a low-level, typically using departmental funds) at a non-profit academic institution.
  2. I will not use GoldSim Academic for "externally funded" research (i.e., sponsored research projects) at an academic institution.
  3. I will not use GoldSim Academic for sponsored research at a private or government research institution.
  4. I will not use GoldSim Academic for consulting or other commercial purposes.
  5. If GoldSim Academic is used to generate results that are published, I will notify the GoldSim Technology Group and acknowledge the GoldSim Technology Group in the publication.
  6. Create a link to, anchored to the text phrase "simulation software", if actively using GoldSim in your teaching or research.

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