Concurrent Network License Downloads

A Concurrent Network License allows multiple computers to access GoldSim over a network (typically a LAN). For example, a 3-seat Network license would allow up to 3 computers from anywhere on the network to concurrently (simultaneously) access GoldSim. GoldSim uses Flexera's FlexNet Publisher licensing system to implement the Network license. This is a widely-used system that will likely be familiar to IT staff in many organizations. This system provides a number of management tools for tracking and controlling usage.

Software Downloads

To use a Concurrent Network license, a GoldSim License Server must be installed and activated on a server computer. In addition, each client computer must install the GoldSim software itself. Installation and configuration of a network license involves the installation and configuration of the following software components:

  1. Flexera’s FlexNet Publisher License Server (FNPLS) version (FNP 2024 R1) (64-bit OS required)
  2. The GoldSim License Server Activation Utility (GLSActUtil) version 1.2
  3. The GoldSim vendor daemon (GTG.exe) – included with GoldSim License Server Activation Utility (GLSActUtil).


If you are installing for the first time, please follow the installation and configuration instructions: Install and Configure a Network License.

If you are upgrading from an older version of FNPLS and/or GLSActUtil, you need to first Uninstall the Network License Server, before following the instructions to Install and Configure a Network License.

These articles are summary checklists to walk you through the essential steps of the process, but there are many options that you may need to consider for your specific application that are not discussed in the article. In-depth documentation and instructions for configuring the network license are provided in the GoldSim License Server User Guide .

Other Resources

GoldSim License Server Activation Utility: Installation and Basic Use: This document provides instructions on using GLSActUtil, a utility program created by GoldSim Technology Group to provide license activation and maintenance for GoldSim Concurrent Network licenses on GoldSim License Server computers.

FlexNet Publisher 2024 R1 ( License Administration Guide: This document (from Flexera, the maker of the License Server software) provides the authoritative reference for all things pertaining to FNPLS.