Make Better Decisions in an Uncertain World

GoldSim is a powerful and flexible platform for visualizing and dynamically simulating complex systems in engineering, science and business. You build a model in an intuitive manner by literally drawing a picture (an influence diagram) of your system. In a sense, GoldSim is like a "visual spreadsheet" that allows you to graphically create and manipulate data and equations. GoldSim moves beyond spreadsheets, however, by making it much easier for you to evaluate how systems evolve over time, and predict their future behavior.

Key Features

GoldSim helps you understand complex systems and make better decisions. Some of GoldSim’s key features that make this feasible include the ability to:

  • Quantitatively address the inherent variability and uncertainty that is present in real-world systems (using Monte Carlo simulation).
  • Superimpose the occurrence and consequences of discrete events onto continuously varying systems.
  • Build top-down models using hierarchical containers that facilitate the simulation of large, complex systems while keeping them easy to understand and navigate.
  • Dynamically link external programs or spreadsheets directly into your GoldSim model.
  • Read data from a ODBC-compliant database into your GoldSim model.
  • Insert graphics, notes and hyperlinks (to documents, websites, and presentations) in order clearly explain your model to diverse audiences.
  • Create custom designed graphical interfaces (called dashboards) to explain and demonstrate your models using the GoldSim Dashboard Authoring Module.
  • Optimize your dynamic simulation models by finding the values of decision variables that produce the optimal results.
  • Carry out sensitivity analyses (e.g., tornado charts, statistical measures) to identify the parameters that have the most impact on your model.
  • Save your models as player files that anyone can view and run using GoldSim Player (a free download).
  • Utilize powerful extension modules (e.g., for financial modeling, reliability analysis, mass transport modeling) to address problems that can't be adequately represented using simple simulation approaches.
Mono Lake Water Balance

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Making Better Decisions In An Uncertain World