Consulting Services


We provide several options for consulting services to help you build your GoldSim models.

Our consulting efforts tend to focus on providing training, assistance in the early portions of projects to help get you started, and technical review efforts and model debugging. In some circumstances our technical experts can also provide long-term consulting services.  In most cases, however, if you have long-term consulting needs, we will recommend one of our consulting partners to you.

Advanced Technical Support

Advanced support contracts are ideal for users that are building GoldSim applications in-house but need short-term support from GoldSim experts. This form of support is not intended for longer-term consulting projects.

Consider an advanced support contract if you have the following needs:

  • Short-term support for application development questions
  • Periodic application reviews to obtain ideas and suggestions for improving your models.

Users may purchase Advanced Technical Support in 10-hour blocks. Technical questions will be referred to our consultants, and time spent resolving the problem will be charged against the pre-paid block of support. The rate for prepaid technical support is US$200/hr ($2000 per 10 hour block). Unused support time is non-refundable and expires in one year.

GoldSim Consulting Services

If your needs extend beyond advanced technical support, we can also provide consulting services on larger or more complex projects.

Our consulting rates are as follows:

Position Per Hour Per Day
Principal Engineer $260 $2080
Senior Engineer $200 $1600
Project Engineer $175 $1400
Administrative and Support Staff $100 $800

Third-Party Consultants

In most cases, if you have long-term consulting needs, we recommend that you use one of our consulting partners. GoldSim also maintains relationships with some of our most experienced customers who themselves can provide consulting services to you. A number of these have met our requirements to be listed as Certified GoldSim Solution Providers.