GoldSim Player

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GoldSim Player allows you to view, navigate, and run an existing GoldSim model without having to purchase GoldSim. Depending on how the model was created by the author, you can even modify key inputs to the model before running it. The GoldSim Player can also be used as a Client when carrying out distributed processing using GoldSim DP. You can't build a new model or modify an existing model using GoldSim Player (for that you need GoldSim).

The most recent version of the GoldSim Player is available for download below.

GoldSim Player 14

Download (81 MB)

Date of Original Release (14, Build #344): October 4, 2021

Installation file for the latest version (14) of the GoldSim Player.


The GoldSim Player has a built-in Help system. If you would like a hard-copy of the Player User's Guide, you can download it as a PDF.

Previous Player Versions

Previous versions of the Player are also available for download. Please note that multiple versions of GoldSim Player cannot be installed on the same machine.