There are four different ways to license GoldSim. Which is most appropriate for you depends on how you (or your organization) would like to use GoldSim. Learn more about GoldSim licensing options.

GoldSim Software

Product Desktop Standalone Enterprise Standalone Concurrent Network
(per seat)
Leased Standalone
(1 year)
Leased Standalone
(3 months)

Includes 1 year Maintenance and 1 hour live web-based training.*

$5250 $7875 $10500 $2525 $1250
GoldSim Research

All the features and capabilities of a GoldSim, but can only be used by academic researchers. Please view Research license restrictions and terms.

N/A N/A N/A $950 N/A
GoldSim Academic

Limited to use for teaching and student research projects. Please view Academic license restrictions and terms.

GoldSim Player

Allows you to view, navigate, and run an existing GoldSim model.


The following modules are included (at no extra cost) with GoldSim and GoldSim Research: Dashboard Authoring Module (DA), Financial Module (FN), Distributed Processing Module (DP), and Reliability Module (RL Learning Edition).

* 3-month lease provides only 3 months of maintenance

† Standalone Academic Licenses are free. There is a $400 administrative fee for configuring a Concurrent Network license (which is not scaled with the number of seats; e.g., the fee for a 30 seat license would only be $400). This fee is re-applied each time our help is needed to re-configure (i.e. for renewing or moving to a new server).

Research licenses are only available in the form of an annual lease.

GoldSim Add-on Modules

GoldSim was designed using a modular framework that allows each user to customize their GoldSim package to provide exactly the functionality they need. To support this, several specialized GoldSim extension modules provide additional features or functionality for particular applications.

Product Desktop Standalone Enterprise Standalone Concurrent Network
(per seat)
Leased Standalone
(1 year)
Leased Standalone
(3 months)
Distributed Processing Module Plus (DP Plus) $2350 $3525 $4700 $1075 $525
Reliability Module (RL Professional) $2350 $3525 $4700 $1075 $525
Contaminant Transport Module (CT) $2350 $3525 $4700 $1075 $525
Radionuclide Transport Module (RT) $10650 $15975 $21300 $4750 $2350

Modules are provided at a 75% discount for GoldSim Research Leases.

GoldSim QuickStart Package (Training)

The Quickstart Package is a great way to quickly learn the basics of GoldSim.

GoldSim QuickStart Cost

This Package includes one of the following:

  • 2-day on-site GoldSim training and 2 days (16 hours) of remote advanced support (consulting) services; or
  • 3-day on-site GoldSim training and 1 day (8 hours) of remote advanced support (consulting) services; or
  • 4-day on-site GoldSim training.

NOTE: Travel expenses are not included in the QuickStart Package. Consulting hours must be used within 6 months of purchase.


(Within North America. Contact us for price outside of North America.)


  • Prices are in US$ and are subject to change
  • There is a 2.59% fee when using a credit card (this is not greater than our cost of acceptance)
  • Use of GoldSim is governed by the GoldSim End User License Agreement. This agreement must be accepted in order to install the software.  The GoldSim EULA takes precedence over any terms and conditions associated with a Purchase Order.
  • Contact us regarding volume price discounts
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