Customer Care

Technical Support, User Resources, Training and Consulting

The GoldSim Technology Group is dedicated to providing complete solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves in providing prompt and extensive support and resources to our users, and are committed to ensuring that each installation of our software is successful and adds value to the customer.

The various resources we provide are summarized below:

  • Technical Support. The GoldSim Help Center is the place to start for those seeking help. From there, you can access a variety of resources, including a form for submitting technical support requests, a User Forum, the GoldSim Model Library, articles on installation and licensing questions, an archive of past GoldSim webinars, and other resources.
  • Free Online Courses. GoldSim provides two free, self-paced training Courses. These are the best way to learn GoldSim, and it is strongly recommended that everyone take advantage of these.  These "hands-on", self-paced Courses are quite detailed, and each will likely require up to a week to complete (if you work straight through).
  • Other Learning Resources. GoldSim provides a number of additional resources to help you become an expert modeler, including a Tutorial,  a Model Library, periodic webinars, and extensive documentation.
  • User Community. We provide a number of opportunities for you to interact with other users in the GoldSim community and keep informed and up-to-date regarding GoldSim releases and other news, including a Blog, a User's Forum, a LinkedIn Group, newsletters, and periodic user conferences.
  • Consulting. Most GoldSim users build their own models.  However, in some cases, you may desire help with building your GoldSim model.  In this case, you can access GoldSim staff or other GoldSim experts to provide short-term or long-term consulting support.
  • Downloads. The latest version of GoldSim (as well as the GoldSim Player), as well as previous versions of these products, can always be directly downloaded.