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Run GoldSim Models With the Free GoldSim Player

Hydropower Scenarios Player

GoldSim Player allows you to view, navigate, and run an existing GoldSim model without having to purchase GoldSim. Depending on how the model was created by the author, you can even modify key inputs to the model before running it. The GoldSim Player can also be used as a Distributed Processing Client when carrying out distributed processing using the GoldSim Distributed Processing Module.

However, you can't build a new model or modify an existing model using GoldSim Player (for that you need GoldSim).

Download (Free)

GoldSim Player should not be confused with an evaluation version of our full-featured product, GoldSim. If you want to learn about GoldSim's features and capabilities, the best way to do so is to obtain a trial version of GoldSim. The GoldSim Technology Group offers a free trial version of GoldSim in order for you to experiment with the software and learn about its features and capabilities. Trial versions are fully functional, but expire after a specified period (typically 30 days).