GoldSim Technical Support

Technical Support through the GoldSim Help Center

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The GoldSim Help Center is the place to start if you need support using GoldSim. From there, you can access the following resources:

Basic Technical Support

The GoldSim Technology Group provides free basic support to all users with active Software Maintenance. Evaluation users are also welcome to contact us with basic support questions.

Basic support consists of the following:

  • Installation and registration questions
  • Questions about how GoldSim works and about using GoldSim's features
  • Simple troubleshooting

Note: For free Academic licenses, technical support is only provided for installation and registration questions. All other questions should be posted on the GoldSim User Forum.

Online Support

Contact us via GoldSim Help Center. In most cases, we will respond within one business day.

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Advanced Technical Support

Advanced Technical Support for GoldSim is not included in the Software Maintenance Program.

Advanced Technical Support covers requests such as:

  • Detailed help with building complex models

  • Extensive troubleshooting, debugging and testing of models

  • Web-based training

Users may purchase Advanced Technical Support in pre-paid 10 hour blocks. Technical questions will be referred to expert GoldSim staff, and time spent resolving the problem will be charged against the pre-paid block of support. The rate for prepaid technical support is US$200/hr ($2000 per 10 hour block). Unused support time is non-refundable and expires in one year.

To purchase Advanced Technical Support, contact us.