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Newsletter Content
October 2019 GoldSim 12.1.4 Released, GoldSim Applications (Great Salt Lake, GoldSim/PhreeqcRM Linkage, Modeling Impact of Fake News), Windows 7 No Longer Supported
April 2019 GoldSim 12.1.3 Released, Webinar Schedule, Video Tutorials, Conferences
June 2018 GoldSim 12.1 Released, GoldSim User Conference 2018
February 2018 GoldSim User Conference 2018
April 2017 Free Online Course Available, GoldSim is Hiring, Upcoming Webinars
February 2017 GoldSim 12 Released, New Leasing Program
July 2015 GoldSim User Conference Early Registration Reminder
March 2015 GoldSim User Conference in September 2015, New Showcase Application, GoldSim Web Resources, Upcoming Webinars
December 2014 GoldSim 11.1.2 Released, New GoldSim Blog, New GoldSim User Forum, Upcoming Webinars
June 2014 GoldSim 11.1 released, Training Opportunities, Upcoming Webinars, New GoldSim Library
January 2014 GoldSim 11.0.6 Maintenance Update Released, Training Opportunities, Upcoming Webinars, What's Cooking
November 2013 GoldSim 11.0.3 Maintenance Update Released
September 2013 GoldSim 11.0.2 Maintenance Update Released
July 2013 GoldSim 11 released, Training Opportunities, Upcoming Webinars, Users Poll, Featured GoldSim Application
June 2013 GoldSim 10.5 SP4 released, Training Opportunities, Upcoming Webinars, Users Poll
February 2012 Preview of GoldSim 11, Training Opportunities, Upcoming Webinars, Users Polls, Featured GoldSim Application
August 2011 Training Sessions Announcement, Other Training Opportunities, Comparing GoldSim with Spreadsheets, Featured GoldSim Application
January 2011 GoldSim 10.5 released, Upcoming Webinars, Employment opportunities, Examples of GoldSim's New Script Element, Polls on Future GoldSim User Conference
October 2010 GoldSim Redesigned Website Launched, GoldSim Wiki, What's Cooking
May 2010 GoldSim 10.11 SP1 released, Training opportunities, HSPF Water Balance Models, Using Time-Shifting for Time Series, What's Cooking
January 2010 GoldSim 10.1 released, Webinar, Hiring, Introduction to Resources, What's Cooking
September 2009 UK and US Training Sessions, GoldSim 10.02 released, Life-cycle Modeling of Spent Nuclear Fuel in South Korea, Carbon Sequestration, Shortcuts for Inserting Links
June 2009 Training Sessions Announcement, GoldSim V10 SP2 released, Vector and Matrix Constructors
February 2009 GoldSim v10 Release, User Conference Announcement, Understanding Triggering
October 2008 GoldSim v10 Beta Release, User Conference Announcement, Modeling Salmon Populations, Importance Sampling for High-Consequence, Low-Probability Outcomes
February 2008 Service Pack Four Release, Webinar, Partner Spotlight, Tracking Boolean State Variables, What's Cooking
October 2007 Upcoming User Conference, Webinar, Partner Spotlight, What's Cooking
March 2007 9.60 Release, CO2 Sequestration Modeling, Using Calendar-Based Timesteps
October 2006 9.50 Release, Partner Spotlight (Neptune And Company), Tips for Modeling Scenarios
April 2006 Retirement Planning, Debugging Models
January 2006 9.2 Release, Upcoming User Conference
September 2005 Reliability Module Release, New Models
May 2005 9.0 Release, NASA Work, Internet Pricing Schemes
July 2004 8.2 Release, User Conference Summary, Radioactive Waste Management
October 2003 8.0 Release, ORMS Feature, Infectious Disease Model
August 2003 User Conference Summary, Online Help System, GoldSim Press
January 2003 Upcoming User Conference, The GoldSim Academic Community, Service Pack 1 Release
October 2002 Life Cycle Analysis for Mining Companies
May 2002 Production Release, User Conference Summary
October 2001 Upcoming User Conference, Upcoming Production Release.